Winner and finalists:

Reelfix takes the plaudits for showing that something as seemingly simple as a wire dispensing reel can significantly improve site safety and reduce waste in the process

Reelfix Construction Products, Reelfix

Unused lengths of tying wire left for site operatives to trip over are a common sight on any construction sites where steel fixers have been working. They are also a completely unnecessary waste, as Reelfixs tying wire dispensing reel, Reelfix Rapid, demonstrates. Now, fixers tying reinforcing bars in concrete structure can use the exact amount needed, without leaving potentially hazardous not to mention large loose coils lying around. The innovative reel has recycling benefits too, as waste when using loose tying wire can be as much as 70%, whereas with Reelfix Rapid every inch of wire is used. The reel fits onto a heavy-duty belt worn around the users waist, allowing greater control and back support. The Reelfix Rapid is fast becoming a standard with contractors such as Laing ORourke, Kier and HBG Construction.

Highly commended

Glazesafe, Sashmatey

Glazing fitters working at height put themselves at risk every day dealing with heavy unsupported window sashes. Fitters will climb a ladder or dangle from an open window, in order to precariously remove the sash so that work can be carried out. To combat this, Glazesafe has invented the Sashmate, a mechanical support system that braces the window sash in an open position allowing the fitter to remove the sash without having to support the weight. Work can then be performed safely from inside the building.


4Delivery, Up & Over Access Platform

How do you move between closed-cell construction units once the walls have been poured? Rather than spending precious time on access towers and scaffolding, 4Delivery came up with an innovative solution. The Up and Over access platform sits atop the wall with access ladders on either side. Workers simply climb one ladder, walk across the platform and climb down the other ladder. The platform can easily be moved by crane and adapted to different widths and heights, and it cuts down the risk of falls from high scaffolding.

Alsure, The Aluguard

Erecting and dismantling aluminium towers can be a highly dangerous activity, especially given 52% of all construction fatalities stem from falls from height. Conventional guardrail scaffolding can be complicated for aluminium towers, so Alsure invented the Aluguard, a guardrail product that attaches itself to the horizontal components of a structure, rather than the vertical. Using the Aluguard, workers can erect and dismantle aluminium towers using just a single-width platform while still complying with all Work at Height regulations.

Elloitt Europe, Pile Breakdown Method

Can you perform pile breaking without using breakers and cutters and the associated risks of hand arm vibration (HAV)? Most contractors might say no, but Elliott Europe has come up with two simple solutions that completely remove the need for power tools from the pile-breaking operation. The first is a polysterene pipe that covers the pile cage, thereby debonding it from the surrounding concrete. As a result, the pile breaks perfectly at cut-off level without the need for any further preparation. The second solution is a lifting eye & tube that eliminates the need to drill a hole into the pile at cut-off level.

White Young Green, WYG Project Risk Assessor

White Young Greens WYG Project Risk Assessor software is designed to cut the enormous amount of paperwork that traditionally comes with the job of enforcing health and safety. Using Microsoft Access, staff can calculate risk by project, site, assessment, activity, hazard and control measure without filling out a multitude of forms. Not only have accident frequency rates dropped, but WYG has found using the software saves each user 20 minutes of time per assessment.