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Bovis Lend Lease has tackled the issues raised by Buildings Safer Skyline campaign head on at its Grand Arcade project in Cambridge

Grand Arcade, Cambridge

The recent spate of fatalities involving cranes has shocked many both inside and outside the industry, highlighting the need to improve outdated systems to ensure that these vital pieces of equipment are made genuinely safe to use. Bovis Lend Lease has risen admirably to that challenge. The site safety committee on its Grand Arcade project in Cambridge felt that many crane accidents could be attributed in part to poor communications between slingers and crane operatives, with operatives often distracted by using one hand to talk into a mobile phone or radio. To address the problem, the team developed a hands-free Bluetooth system for communication on site a device so successful it is now being rolled out across other projects.

Chiswick Park, London, Building 4

This Bovis Lend Lease project, part of the overall Chiswick Park development in west London, achieved a perfect total of zero lost days to accidents. The feat was achieved thanks to a fine example of supply chain collaboration, with architect Richard Rogers Partnership supporting Bovis and developer Stanhope on increasing off-site manufacture including of toilet wall and cubicles to reduce work on site and therefore minimise the chance of accidents. The success of the project can be measured by the fact that the new systems put in place reduced the (already low) accident rate on the Chiswick Park development, showing theres always room for improvement.

Delivery handbook for Leeds schools PFI

Logistics may not be the most glamorous aspect of construction, but it can be key to a safe project. The scope for improving safety through this area of work was amply demonstrated by the Carillion-led team on the design and construction of five secondary schools in Leeds. All key contractors met after the first phase to discuss safety issues the outcome was a logistics forum of the significant stakeholders, which met subsequently and revised site logistics requirements. The result, a drop in reportable accidents despite the rise in high-risk activities in the second phase, highlights the virtue in good planning.

Walkergate Park hospital, Tyne and Wear

Clarity was the key to success for the team on the 25m Walkergate Park project, led by contractor Clugston Construction. At the start of the project clear key performance indicators were agreed, targeting the reduction of accidents alongside measures to improve productivity. With the entire project team on board, producing clear, concise method statements and briefing sessions, the injury frequency rate came out a remarkable 120% lower than Clugstons company target at 1.8 per million man hours worked.