Bovis Lend Lease has landed its largest-ever contract, believed to be worth more than £2bn. It is a five-year deal to manage the retail outlet building programme for oil giant BP Amoco.

The construction group will build more than 1300 new outlets across 15 countries over the next five years.

The contract is larger than Bovis’ previous biggest job, the deal to manage the construction of Disneyland Paris. It extends by a further five years a three-year contract Bovis won in 1997 to manage BP’s retail expansion programme in Europe. The new deal will also cover the USA, Japan and Venezuela.

In the US, Bovis Lend Lease will manage the construction of 500 new retail outlets in 40 states over the next five years. In Europe, the firm will build 750 outlets, as well as maintaining new and existing stations.

The new contract maintains the terms of the original agreement, whereby Bovis Lend Lease takes its profits exclusively from the savings it generates in the course of construction.

Bovis was bought by Australian property conglomerate Lend Lease Corporation last autumn for £285m. BP merged with American oil company Amoco last year.