Chairman Simms hails establishment's past year as "one of the best" a decade after becoming private company

The BRE Trust has achieved profits of £1.77 million on the company’s ten year anniversary.

Neville Simms
Sir Neville Simms

The charity’s subsidiary trading companies – BRE, BRE Certification and FBE Management recorded the combined net profit on a £40 million turnover.

Speaking at the BRE Trust AGM on Wednesday, Trust Chairman Sir Neville Simms was delighted with the charity’s achievements labelling it “one of the best.”

“At the end of our first decade the BRE Trust’s assets and resources make it the largest education and research charity for the built environment in the UK,” he said.

The Trust raised almost £0.9 million pounds for research activities in 2006/7 and is now actively supporting 43 research projects.

Ten years after the Trust took ownership of BRE, Simms believed the research charity has achieved its two main objectives – to ensure BRE’s successful transition from government agency to private sector company and to establish itself as an organisation with resources to support the built environment.

“I am pleased to report that, though initially daunting, these objectives have been met,” he said. “Our management teams and staff have worked hard to recognise and refocus the BRE companies, making them responsive to market place demands.

The Trust boasts over thirty PhD scholarship awards, contributions to built environment research, a growing involvements with schools and successful collaborations with other organisations such as NHBC.

The government Code for Sustainable Homes was based on the BRE EcoHomes methodology and Simms is confident the Trust can contribute even more in the next ten years.

“I have every confidence that as we enter our second decade we have established very firm foundations,” said Simms, “on which we can build an even wider range of charitable research and education programmes in the built environment.”