BRE launches new version of its Simplified Building Energy Model after first edition was criticised by consultants.

The BRE has launched an updated version of its Part L calculation software following complaints from consultants.

The Simplified Building Energy Model is a tool for designers wishing to demonstrate compliance with the energy regulations for buildings other than dwellings.

Some consultants rejected the first version of Part L released in January. They said the tool gave results that contradicted Part L guidance and they preferred to calculate energy use by long hand rather than rely on SBEM.

The BRE says it has responded to feedback and incorporated improvements to the calculation and to the way in which data is entered.

As well as a new version of SBEM and the interface iSBEM, the package also includes an updated User Guide and supporting databases.

Changes include a new treatment of thermal bridges at construction junctions, simplified ways of entering data applicable to the whole building, a wider range of weather locations and modifications to underlying databases.