Design of Chelsea Flower Show exhibit based on how plants grow

Engineer Buro Happold and architect NEX Architecture have together created this pavilion based on the way plants grow for the Chelsea Flower Show which opens today.

The pair have worked with former Chelsea gold medal winner Marcus Bennett to build the pavilion for the Times Eureka Garden at the event.

Christopher Moore, Buro Happold project lead, said: “This project has allowed us to create a unique, sustainable structure that demonstrates what is achievable with timber. We rarely get to use timber in the structures we design so this has been a great opportunity.”

Alan Dempsey, NEX founder, said: “We extended the design concepts of the garden by looking closely at the cellular structure of plants and their processes of growth to inform the design’s development. The final structure was designed using computer algorithms that mimic natural growth and is intended to allow visitors to experience the patterns of biological structure at an unfamiliar scale.”