Tory leader praises environmental construction campaign by Federation of Master Builders

David Cameron has voiced support for the Federation of Master Builders' (FMB) campaign for a greener construction industry.

David Cameron

The leader of the Conservative party praised the association's drive to encourage the industry to reduce carbon emissions and make homes more energy-efficient.

Cameron said: “We all have a shared responsibility for our neighbours, for our country and for our planet. When it comes to the urgent action required to tackle climate change, we can all make a contribution - governments, businesses and individuals.

“On top of the work of government, the construction industry has a vital part to play in making sure that our carbon targets are met. And as individual homeowners we can all make sure our houses are energy-efficient - which also has the benefit of saving us money. These are the principles behind the 'Building a Greener Britain' campaign and I am delighted to welcome them.”

As part of its campaign, the FMB is collaborating on research with the low-carbon futures team at Oxford University's environmental change institute. The research will be presented to the government as practical policy recommendations.