Conservative leader David Cameron this week outlined his commitment to promoting greener business practices in an interview with Building.

Cameron himself is undertaking a low carbon makeover of his home in west London, including upgrading the insulation and installing a wind turbine. (Building also spoke to his architect and builder to assess the Tory leader’s green credentials.)

After the planned improvements have been installed Cameron’s home will achieve an efficiency rating B – a marked improvement from its current E rating.

In terms of recycling business waste Cameron was reluctant to give details of what the Tory would do to tackle the problem but said that he was aware that the UK was falling behind those of other European countries.

Cameron also said that he was in favour of looking at regulations in the housing sector to reduce carbon emissions, and is keen to promote energy saving through insulation and to increase the use of renewable energy sources.

“We need to look at all of these things and work out what we can do to have simple systems that encourage householders to make green decisions, that encourage businesses to invest in green products and generally move ahead the whole green agenda.”