Developer Gazeley proposes Chetwood-designed project in Staffordshire that will generate enough power both its energy needs and 650 neighbouring houses

Plans were unveiled today for on of the most ambitious sustainable schemes in the UK. The £50m Chatterley Valley Blue Planet Development in Staffordshire is billed by developers as “one of the greenest business parks in the world” and will be carbon positive.

The scheme is proposed by industrial developer Gazeley with development agency Advantage West Midalnds and is designed by architect Chetwood Associates. Work is due to start on site in early 2008 and completed in 2009.

Energy plan

On site power sources on the project, on a 52-acre site in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, will include:

  • solar technology embedded into rooflights and installed on building facades
  • kinetic plate technology that generates electricity from passing vehicles
  • a biofuel plant, which will provide enough heat and energy for this proposal and future planned developments on the site, as well as being able to export to 650 nearby homes.

More than half of the site will be landscaped, creating park space for workers at the development and the public to enjoy, with links to local public footpaths and canal-side walks. Advantage West Midlands has already spent £9 million cleaning up the site and constructing an access road.

Nick Cook, development director at Gazeley, said: “Sustainability is one of Gazeley’s core values and we are proud to have been given the opportunity to showcase our environmental credentials at Chatterley Valley. This will be an industry-leading development, which we intend to roll-out on a world-wide basis.”

Chetwoods principal Laurie Chetwood added: “This design addresses all areas of sustainability, in particular the social and community aspects, as well as incorporating the latest environmental techniques and technologies. Our site will have the facility to heat and power all the buildings and their neighbouring proposed developments with enough left over to make a major contribution to neighbouring houses."