Internal report proposes huge expansion in wind power

Energy secretary Chris Huhne is planning a huge expansion in wind power, with an internal report suggesting up to 32,000 new wind turbines could be constructed to meet the UK’s ambitious green targets.

There are currently only 3,000 onshore turbines and several hundred offshore, which generate just 1-2% of the nation’s power.

But according to a Department of Energy and Climate Change report seen by the Sunday Times, civil servants are advocating a huge wind power push to meet the UK’s green energy needs.

According to the government’s carbon plan unveiled last week, the UK will expand power generated from renewable energy sources tenfold from 5GW to 50GW over the next 20 years.

According to the Daily Telegraph, there are currently 43 new wind parks under construction housing 1,251 turbines. Councils have granted approval to a further 2,115 at 245 wind farms.