Most employers will hold staff parties despite credit crunch

Construction sector employers will be holding Christmas parties despite the credit crunch, according to a survey released today.

The survey published by the Chartered Management Institute reveals that celebrations will continue across the industry. Over three-quarters of organisations said that they would be hosting parties despite the recession, a figure up from 66% last year.

“Budget bashes” are more common this year with only around one in ten firms including employees' partners, and even fewer inviting clients. A third of employers were concerned that expensive parties send out the wrong message in the economic downturn.

The survey shows that the majority see parties as an important way to boost morale in current economic downturn. Organisations think it is important to show appreciation for their staff, with a third of line managers buying gifts for their whole team.

Social and environmental concerns were are also on the agenda, with nearly double the number of employers sending e-cards this year and over a third only purchasing cards that support charities.

Jo Causon, director, marketing and corporate affairs at the Chartered Management Institute, said: “It should come as no surprise that employers are controlling Christmas budgets with tighter purse-strings this year. However, it is encouraging to see that responsible budget management is going hand-in-hand with an effort to thank staff for their work during the year.”