Demolition of the core of former Pinnacle tower to make way for Lipton Roger’s 22 Bishopsgate

Brookfield Multiplex has been granted planning permission to demolish one of London’s least lovable landmarks - the abandoned concrete stump at the base of the former Pinnacle tower.

The City of London approved plans last Friday to demolish ‘the Stump’ to allow construction work for the replacement 22 Bishopsgate scheme by developer Lipton Rogers to begin.

The Stump had been expected to soar 63 storeys into the sky as the core of the KPF-designed Pinnacle tower. But work halted in 2011 during the depths of the recession, leaving an eight-storey concrete core as the only visible vestige of the tower.

The remedial works submitted by contractor Brookfield Multiplex will involve wire saw cutting to cut the core into sections, which will then be lifted out by tower crane.

The demolition management plan adds: “The southern section of core from B2 to Ground will be deconstructed during the same period as the core. It will be broken out with munching demolition techniques from the underside of the ground floor slab minimising external impacts.”

The demolition allows the construction of 22 Bishopsgate, which was unveiled by Lipton Rogers earlier this year to begin in earnest.

The new tower - designed by PLP - takes a more robust form than the previous Pinnacle. However at 278 metres tall and 62 storeys, it is 10 metres lower than the previous design. The new tower will have a public viewing gallery at the top next to a two storey restaurant and bar.