10 year deal covers housing association’s properties across England

Clarion is looking to appoint contractors to a £50m contract to tackle asbestos removal across its 125,000-home portfolio. 

The housing association is conducting a procurement exercise to appoint three suppliers for asbestos surveying and air monitoring and three for removal and remedial works. 


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Asbestos was used for insulation before its links with lung cancer and other health risks was well known

The six lots are divided between the two types of work and between three regional groupings: North London; North, East and South West England; and South London and the South East. 

Firms have until 22 May to bid. The contract runs for 10 years from April next year. 

In its latest quarterly update, published earlier this year, the housing association giant revealed its new home completions had dropped 21%. 

It completed 1,251 homes in the nine months to the end of the year, down from the 1,586 built in the same period the previous year. 

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