Nuttall, Halcrow and Glasgow council are investigating last night's incident at £20.3m bridge

The Clyde Arc bridge in Glasgow was shut after a support cable snapped last night.

Civil engineering firm Nuttall, who acted as main contractors on the bridge, are currently investigating the incident together with engineering consultants Halcrow and Glasgow City Council.

The three parties will be holding a meeting at 2pm today.

Clyde Arc bridge

In an official statement engineering firm Nuttall said: “We have together with our client Glasgow City Council and our designer Halcrow begun an in-depth investigation into the cause of last night’s incident on the Clyde Arc.

“At this stage it is too early to predict any outcome and we can only reiterate Glasgow City Council’s earlier statement to confirm that we believe that the integrity of the bridge is unaffected. The bridge has been designed to allow for the removal of one hanger at a time for repair and maintenance purposes.

“To ensure public safety and to allow investigations to proceed unhindered the bridge has been closed.”

The £20.3m Clyde Arc bridge was opened in September 2006 and was the first new road connection built over the river Clyde since 1969.