ADHD most common condition within sector

Neurodiversity is unusually common among construction workers and a significant number of employers are proactively making adjustments to support these staff, according to a National Federation of Builders (NFB) study of the subject. 

A survey of 1,000 adults working in the sector found that one in four workers identify as being neurodiverse, with ADHD found to be the most prevalent condition within construction, followed by autism and dyslexia. 


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The rainbow-colored infinity symbol is a popular symbol among autism rights proponents who advocate for the acceptance of neurodiversity

The research, carried out in conjunction with the Construction Industry Training Board and the People’s Partnership, revealed a third of neurodiverse workers stated that their condition made them want to work in construction. 

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Four in five respondents who had informed their employer of their condition reported reasonable adjustments had been made to meet their needs, while 67% of workers believe the industry is well-equipped to support neurodiversity. 

However, the report said there was still progress to be made, with 36% of neurodiverse construction workers reporting that they have not told anyone at work about their condition.