Morgan Ashurst has been running “crane rescue” drills in an effort to reduce site accidents.

The firm, which is part of Morgan Sindall, has teamed up with emergency services and safety systems provider Taskmasters to practise crisis procedures.

The simulations, which have been conducted in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and Durham, include rescuing a driver who had suffered a heart attack in a 30m high crane cab and helping someone who was suspended from a jib.

Martin Worthington, Morgan Ashurst’s health, safety and environment director said: “We’ve always been conscious of the issue but over the past couple of years it’s moved up the agenda.”

The news comes as the Strategic Forum’s health and safety group met to discuss crane safety for the second time. At the meeting last Friday committees were set up to address issues such as working hours for drivers and using cranes more than 10 years old.

Building’s Safety Skyline campaign has called for tighter crane safety measures since a spate of fatalities at the turn of the year.