Eco-project showcases new standing seam option

Corus has used the BASF Creative Energy House, a demonstration project recently completed at Nottingham University, to showcase Colorcoat Urban, its new steel standing seam roofing product.

Colorcoat Urban offers an affordable standing seam option suitable for single-family houses, apartments or public buildings. “We’ve taken the metal roof aesthetic from higher-end, bespoke residential projects and offered architects and developers an opportunity to differentiate their projects in other sectors,” says Paul Britchford, market development manager for Corus Colors.

The system is available in eight colours matted down to suit the urban environment, from grey and terracotta to copper. The pigments include a patented BASF product that deflects heat.

The product costs 10-15% more than competing concrete tile systems, but Corus points to performance benefits. Colorcoat Urban is lightweight, airtight, recyclable and includes 20% recycled content. Standing seam designs make it easy to integrate PV or solar thermal arrays which can be attached to the upstands. Corus will also offer architects technical support to adapt conventional standing seam details to steel.

The BASF house, designed by Derek Trowell Architects, has achieved level four on the Code for Sustainable Homes at a build cost of £70,000.