Consultancy confirms that three key staff were sacked for leaking company information and trying to persuade others to leave

Consultancy firm Currie & Brown has revealed that the three directors that were dismissed from the company were sacked for gross misconduct.

Last week Building revealed that Bill Booker, Myles Cameron and Ian McCallum were sacked from the company after planning to move to a rival Sinclair Knight Mertz. Currie & Brown has now confirmed that the trio were in fact dismissed following allegations that they had leaked company information to a third party and had tried to persuade other Currie & Brown employees to jump ship.

A full disciplinary process ensued resulting in a finding of gross misconduct against all three men. After their dismissals, Booker, Cameron and McCallum all lodged a claim of unfair dismissal which have since been abandoned and withdrawn.

A spokesman for Currie & Brown said: “Following recent press coverage of the departure from Currie & Brown of three former employees, Currie & Brown believe that it is appropriate to confirm the circumstances confirming their departure. All three employees were similarly dismissed for gross misconduct.”