The final version of the government's amendments to the Building Regulations have been released.
The revisions affect three parts of the regulations: energy efficiency (Part L), drainage and solid waste (Part H), and boiler flues (Part J). They will come into effect on 1 April next year.

The changes to Part L increase energy efficiency standards for domestic and commercial buildings. The regulations will for the first time to apply to existing buildings.

Replacement for windows, boilers and hot-water cylinders and their controls will now be required to meet performance standards.

The government plans to create a register of those competent to replace windows and boilers.

Installers will be expected to self-certify their work, removing the need for inspection.

Part L has been published in two parts for the first time, with part L1 relating to dwellings and Part L2 to other buildings.

The amendments to Part J are designed to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, injuries caused by fires and pollution from the storage of domestic heating oil.

The Part H regulations relating to drains have been changed to include clauses covering sustainable drainage.

Additional guidance on the protection of drains and sewers from rats has been added to the regulations.