Sustainability body favours UK assessment tool over LEED

The Dutch Green Building Council is to adopt BREEAM rather than LEED as its building assessment tool for the Netherlands.

The DGBC was formed in June this year with the purpose of creating a standard measurement for sustainability. So far more than 90 organisations have joined the council.

Credit: Dan Kamminga

Stefan van Uffelen of the DGBC said: “Both the market and the government have the need for a level playing field and one standard. Based on experiences of our participants with LEED and BREEAM we have decided to adopt BREEAM for the Dutch market.”

BREEAM-NL is under development and will initially cover offices, retail, industrial, residential and education building types. Once launched DGBC will manage the scheme, train and licence assessors and carry out the certification.

BRE Global will provide technical and procedural advice on the development of the scheme as well as endorsement of the system.

Van Uffelen went on to say. “As DGBC we try to get the best of both worlds: the internationally recognised BREEAM method integrated with locally accepted expertise.

"It would be unreasonable to develop an entirely new certification scheme on our own, when there is already a lot of knowledge and experience available. So we are very happy with the agreement with BRE and are very happy with the speed and the support we have received.”