It oversee works to restore the link between Oxford and Cambridge


The direct rail link between Cambridge and Oxford has taken steps forward after Transport secretary Chris Grayling launched the East West Railway Company.

The company will oversee works to restore the link between the two cities, nearly 50 years since the closure of the old Varsity Line that used to connect the pair at the Second World War site of Bletchley Park.

Nearby Bletchley Station and Bletchley Viaduct are being re-opened as part of the new route. Bletchley Park is located at the heart of the East West Rail line as it sits halfway between Oxford and Cambridge.

The line is expected to be completed in the mid-2020s and will also create a direct link between East Anglia and central and southern England. Additionally, it will have interchange stations with four main railway lines radiating out of London, but will run under or over each, minimising any risk of delay.

Grayling said: “We are making the biggest investment in the railways since Victorian times to meet the growing demand for rail travel, while also boosting business and increasing productivity. East West Rail is the perfect example of how we can revitalise the railways, grow the network and unlock jobs and housing growth.”