Two housing associations win £1.4m for roll-out of Dutch energy-saving scheme

Housing associations Affinity Sutton and Moat have won £1.4m in EU funding for the roll-out of zero-carbon retrofits.

The funding – given to the two housing providers and the National Energy Foundation (NEF) – is part of an overall £4.2m grant given to the Dutch version of the Green Deal, Energiesprong.

Developed in the Netherlands, the programme has already delivered more than 800 net-zero energy refurbishments in the country and has started delivery on a further 111,000 on a street-by-street basis as part of an agreement between housing associations and contractors.

The programme’s UK version, Energiesprong UK, has been given a third of the overall funding.

Three of the organisation’s founding partners – Affinity Sutton, Moat and the NEF - will be allocated the money to trial Energiesprong retrofits in the UK, which could begin later this year.

Commenting on the funding award, Energiesprong UK’s programme director Arno Schmickler said it will “make the first net-zero-energy refurbishments a reality in the UK” and allow the industry “to start innovating on new net-zero energy products”.