Minutes after the announcement of London’s victory was made, an emotional Gary France, a director at construction consultant Mace, spoke to Building from the restaurant in Singapore where the bid team had gathered to celebrate

As a Londoner, somebody who is passionate about sport and somebody who has helped to prepare the construction programme for the London bid, I am enormously proud to have played my part to bring the games to my home city.

I sat through all the presentations throughout the day with the whole of our delegation and the tension has been enormous, unbearable. We all – except for the presenters – then went on to a restaurant in the middle of the city for dinner to listen to the result, and that is where I am now – the atmosphere is fantastic, everybody is so happy, it’s euphoric.

As the result was being announced there were 250 people in the restaurant hanging on every word the announcer said. And when London was announced the place just erupted. People were hugging each other, it was just unbelievable.

Tony Blair has had to go back to the UK for the G8 summit but we will soon be joined by the London bid presentation team, as well as all the celebrities. They will all be joining us here for the party.

I am enormously proud to have played my part

Gary France, director, Mace

Obviously, I haven’t been part of the behind-the-scenes lobbying and deal-making but I’ve been at the receptions and seen how much work everybody has put in – everybody has been so positive. It’s been so tense but you could see the momentum building for our bid and the hard work has paid off.

To be part of the bid team to bring the Olympics to my home city is a crowning moment – unforgettable.