Practice will not return to country if Gaddafi remains in power, says managing partner

Architect Feilden Clegg Bradley will never work in Libya again while the Gaddafi regime is in power, the firm has said.

Julian Gitsham confirmed to Building reports that the practice would boycott the country after the killing of hundreds of demostrators during the past week had been confirmed.

“Until there is a change in regime, we won’t restart the work there. We cannot possiblty continue the work there.”

Work on a masterplan to develop part of the centre of Tripoli, the capital, had ceased “a couple of weeks ago” because the practice had not been paid. Gitsham said that work would not now resume.

He said that the practice had believed the regime was modernising, but after reports of the government using snipers, machine guns and even mortars to kill protesters there was no way it could work in the country under Gaddafi.

“Your experience with them [the Libyan government] was that things have changed,” he said. “What’s happened shows that that’s not true.”