New programme launched by Ken Livingstone will see local people taking the initiative on green schemes

Fifteen eco-champions will lead a campaign to encourage sustainable living in the capital in a new programme launched by Ken Livingstone yesterday.

The London Leaders initiative, which was developed by the London Sustainable Development Commission, will task the campaigners with making homes, restaurants, bars and offices greener over the coming year.

Those signed up include a vicar who is expanding a city farm programme and an urban ecologist who hopes to persuade City institutions to retrofit green roofs on their buildings.

Ken Livingstone said: “A sustainable future requires leaders at all levels, from government to local business, to lead by example. By identifying and supporting these London leaders I am confident they can inspire communities.”

The London Sustainable Development Commission developed the programme following an international research programme which looked at sustainability projects in other world cities including Bogota in Columbia and Gottingen in Germany.

Chair of the Commission June Barnes said: “We view the London Leaders programme as the first of its kind in the world and believe it will deliver economic, social and environmental benefits and therefore move us further towards the type of city we all want to live in.”