Wrightstyle has launched a range of unlatched, fully-glazed interior and exterior fire-resistant doors

Available in single and double-leaf versions, the doors are free-swinging and options are available for the hinges and closer mechanisms to be completely concealed within the framing system, offering a fully flush-faced door.

Traditionally, interior fire doors in their closed position had to be manually opened with a handle and latch. However, in a fire, the Wrightstyle door system will automatically and securely close, providing a barrier against fire and toxic gases.

The doors have been fire-tested and certified up to 120 minutes, says the company.

The double leaf version is also available in either rebated or un-rebated options, which means there does not have to be an overlap between the doors, allowing each door to be opened separately and simultaneously in either direction - making them suitable for busy corridors.

Although designed primarily for interior use, they can also be fitted with secure deadlocks to make them suitable as exterior doors.