ACO Building Drainage has launched its latest range of valves designed to prevent flooding into premises resulting from sewer backflows.

The ACO Junior and Triplex models are suitable for grey water applications and the Quatrix models for black water applications.

They are developed to be simple to install and easy to maintain and are designed in accordance with BS EN 13564. The units feature two closure devices so that backflow is prevented even if one device fails to close due to the presence of detritus build-up. The manually operated emergency device incorporated into the second flap enables the pipe system to be shut off in emergencies or long periods of building non-use.

The ACO Junior combined drainage gully and backflow valve is suitable for utility rooms or basements in new-build or refurbishment projects. Connecting to a 110mm-diameter drain pipe, it is versatile, featuring an optional 50mm diameter back inlet for connection to an appliance, showeror basin.

Both the Triplex and Quatrix systems are lightweight and accommodate 110mm and 160mm diameter drain pipes. The systems are available with or without factory-fitted access chambers for quick and easy installation as an alternative to site-built brick access chambers.

ACO Building Drainage 302