Other London cultural projects also in doubt as the government reviews its funding pledges

The future of a number of major cultural capital projects in London are in doubt, according to reports.

Culture minister Barbara Follett told the Times newspaper that the government could no longer guarantee £22.5m promised to the British Museum in December 2007. It was to go towards construction of a £135m exhibition centre at the museum.

She said: “It's very much on my mind. Both the secretary of state [Andy Burnham] and I are in discussions with them. It's a great idea and we would love to support it, but it's very difficult at the moment.”

The comment also puts in doubt the future of the planned £215m Tate Modern extension, to which the government had pledged over £70m. It has already received a first funding slice of £50m.

British Museum
The British Museum is in funding negotiations with ministers

It also bodes ill for the South Bank, which is trying to raise funds for a new national film centre. There are too many schemes bidding for too little money, Follett said.