Fire engines will remain red but new guidance aims to encourage more sustainability and community involvement in fire service

The government has announced plans to design more inviting and eco-friendly fire stations.

A guide entitled “Achieving Design Quality in Fire and Rescue Service Buildings” promotes the incorporation of features such rainwater recycling and energy-saving sensor lighting.

Communities are also encouraged to visit their local fire stations and learn more about fire safety. The guide suggests ways of attracting local residents range from hosting art shows to providing cash machines.

Fire minister Parmjit Dhanda said: "Firefighters' first job will always be fighting fire, but stations can also play a greater role in promoting good community relations by opening up to them and putting a greater emphasis on prevention by increasing education about fire safety.”

“Many of our traditional fire stations are magnificent buildings that are an important piece of the architectural landscape and play an important part in local communities. But we want to add to the range of buildings and facilities that the fire and rescue services have at their disposal."