CLG rules out implementation of GLA demands to make timber-frame sites more safe

A call for new rules to limit the risk of fire on timber-frame sites has been rejected by the government.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) called in December for tighter regulation of timber-framed buildings in London, including a ban on partial occupancy while the rest of the site is still under construction.

But according to reports the Department for Communities and Local Government said that after consultation it has agreed not to take up the recommendations.

“We have concluded that further regulation is not an appropriate approach at this time,’ a CLG spokesperson said.

The GLA investigation followed the death of six people at Lakanal House in Camberwell in June 2009 and two fires on half built timber framed developments in Camberwell in November 2009 and Peckham in January 2010.

It called for a number of new regulations, including:

  • more building control inspections of timber framed developments with a minimum number of vists
  • social landlords to publish a full register of fire risk assessments
  • a requirement for building control to notify the fire brigade of large timber frame sites.