Report says government will miss its own carbon emissions target, but says requirements of the 2012 Kyoto protocol will be met.

The government will fall well short in its bid to reduce carbon emissions by 20% before 2010 according to new forecasts.

The UK Energy and the Environment report by industrial forecasters Cambridge Econometrics said 1990 carbon emissions levels only look set to fall 12.25% by 2010.

Cambridge Econometrics has called on the government to address the issues when it gets the results of the Climate Change Programme (CCP) review at the end of 2005.

The group also said the government would need to bring in new policies to achieve its longer-term aim of a decarbonised future.

However, it added that the government is on course to meet its Kyoto Protocol 2012 target of reducing greenhouse gases by 12.5% compared to the 1990 levels.

The report also said the government is on target meet the UNECE Multi-Pollutant Protocol target for reducing SO2 emissions and the National Emissions Ceiling Directive.