Paul Morrell, government construction advisor, has promised that the seven figure sum will ease the risk for construction firms

The government is set to invest millions in the construction industry to encourage the take-up of Building Information Modelling.

BIM systems see all parties working on a project enter data into a central system streamlining communication and potentially making large financial savings and more effective buildings. It forms a core part of the government’s construction strategy and a phased roll out of its use is due to start next summer before it becomes compulsory on all public sector projects in 2016.

Speaking at Autodesk’s BIM conference in London, government construction advisor Paul Morrell said the government would invest ‘seven figure’ sums but would not be backing particular BIM systems.

Morrell has repeatedly stated his faith in BIM as a driver for changing the way the construction industry works.

He said the money would not necessarily ease that transition to BIM but would take some of the burden of risk away from construction firms.