Richard Hywel Evans-designed three-bedroom “nHouse” debuts

Studio RHE director Richard Hywel Evans has launched a modular home with one basic design that is capable of being delivered as stand-alone property, semi-detached house, or as part of a terrace.

The three-bedroom home is made from cross-laminated timber panels and delivered on-site in four separate parts, which allows for construction to be completed in three days, provided a serviced plot is ready.

Named “nHouse”, the properties include a range of environmentally friendly features, with internal grey-water recycling, internal heat pumps and solar farm underfloor heating. Kitchens, bathrooms and plasterwork are completed offsite.



Richard Hywel Evans’ nHouse


Hywel Evans said the project offered “Grand Designs” styling at an affordable price, and could be delivered at scale to developers, housing associations, councils, as well as to individual clients.

“Often I see these standard houses being produced which are mostly built on a budget with an eye on the bottom line, rather than focussing on the happiness of the end occupier,” he said.

“I designed the nHouse as I wanted to put design first and see if we can build a home that makes people happy and yet still allows the building industry to make a sufficient profit.

The home’s cost is quoted at £190,000 for the delivery and set-up of a property without a carport, the provision of which adds an additional £25,000 to the pricetag.

It recommends the properties as being suitable for a 0.09 ha plot but says they are capable of being fitted onto a site half that size.

The nHouse marketing information says the properties’ “core materials” are covered by an 80 year guarantee.

A showhome is scheduled for completion later this year.