If you are unable to return from your Easter break or get to an overseas business meeting we want to hear from you

Iceland’s volcano has affected businesses across all sectors. Just in our office we have several members of the team who can’t get back from or go on their Easter break.

Planes managing to take off before the flight ban

Our publisher is stuck in Florida with her family, one of the web team managed to fly back from Brazil to Spain but couldn’t go on to the UK so was flown back to Brazil again and one very unhappy member of the sub-editors’ team has missed out on her skiing trip to Morzine in the French Alps.

We have also heard from Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon, also a regular contributor to Building, who is stuck in Sweden on a business trip.

So we want to know your stories and how the flight ban is affecting your work.

Are you far from home with only your Blackberry and the hotel computer terminal as a means of conducting your business? Are cancelled meetings still going ahead as video conferences? Are you losing money or managing to adapt?

Did you find an alternative way to get back into the country? Are you holding out for TV presenter Dan Snow's rescue mission to pick you up from the French coast? Whatever your experience we want to hear from you.