Construction consultant High-Point Rendel has reported a £40,000 dip in pre-tax profit to £1.16m for the six months to 31 January, compared with the same period last year.
Turnover was up 8% from £12.83m to £13.88m for the half year, during which the group invested £700,000 in US-based power technology company Sure Power.

Chairman Tony Palmer said the links with Sure Power promised an exciting future for the group. Sure Power designs, installs and maintains systems that deliver electricity at high voltages.

The two companies have signed a joint-venture deal to control expansion of the Sure Power technology outside the Americas.

Chief executive Kelvin Hingley added that the deal was part of the group's strategy to develop its non-consultancy revenue streams.

Hingley said large infrastructure projects planned by the Indian government had been delayed because of the earthquake in Gujarat. Despite this, High-Point Rendel's project delivery division had raised turnover £300,000 to £7.6m.