Incident happened in icy conditions around 6AM morning

A double-decker bus carrying Hinkley Point C workers overturned in icy road conditions in Somerset with 70 people on board, police have confirmed.

Police and the air ambulance attended the crash, which also involved a motorcyclist, on the A39 near Cannington at about 6AM this morning.

Around 54 people were treated at the scene but there were no fatalities, a spokeswoman for Avon and Somerset Police said. Around half were described as “walking wounded”.

police tape

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The crash happened around 6AM this morning with police initially declaring it a major incident which has now been downgraded

Bridgwater MP Ian Liddell-Grainger added that three people had suffered significant injuries.

A spokesman for Hinkley Point said: “A bus carrying members of the Hinkley Point C workforce has been involved in a traffic incident on the A39 in Bridgwater. Emergency services are on the scene and travel to and from the site has been suspended.”

A major incident was declared in the aftermath of the crash with around 20 emergency vehicles at the scene. The police later said it was no longer treating the crash as a major incident.