Local people have until 22 June to comment on latest proposals for new nuclear power station

A new series of consultations has been launched on the latest proposals for the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station, being built on Anglesey.

The developer, Horizon Nuclear Power, said it wanted to reduce the area taken up by the main power station and build a single temporary workers accommodation campus at the construction site.

The total estimated workforce has dropped from 10,000 to 8,500.

Horizon is also offering to inject funds into various local projects, including capital projects for all five secondary schools on the island to improve science and technology facilities, and money to build affordable housing, initally focussed on the area around the power station and in nearby Amlwch.

The consultations, which will conclude on 22 June, will take place in venues across North Wales, giving people in the region the chance to comment on changes to the multi-billion pound development. A ‘consultation bus’ will also visit a number of communities in the area.

Duncan Hawthorne, chief executive of Horizon Nuclear Power, said: “In this third stage of consultation we’re focusing on the areas that have changed or where there are new proposals.

“To make this project the best it can be it must be investable, constructable, and deliver a world-leading operating power station. Wylfa Newydd must also be a welcome addition to the community which Anglesey and the wider region can be proud of.

“The changes we’re proposing will enable us to streamline our construction schedule, reduce the number of construction workers we need to bring in and temporarily house, and cut the number of development sites we need.

“Alongside this we remain absolutely committed to being a good neighbour to the North Anglesey communities which will host the power station. We look forward to hearing people’s views on these latest plans as we finalise our application.”