Inspections to ensure workers are protected from injuries and longterm pain

A crackdown on unsafe practices on construction sites will start at the beginning of next month.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is planning to start a series of ramped up inspections of sites from 4 September.

It is understood the watchdog will send inspectors to sites to ensure site managers are protecting workers from injuries, longterm musculoskeletal damage and other health risks.


The safety checks will start on 4 September

The HSE said it would announce further details of the checks on 30 August.

It will be the second round of inspections announced this summer after a series of visits from May to July to ensure workers were protected from inhaling harmful dust on sites.

The move comes after 26-year-old Michael Jones died from a serious head injury on Everton FC’s £500m new stadium scheme at Bramley-Moore Dock in Liverpool.

Laing O’Rourke suspended work on the site this week following the incident and said the HSE was on site to carry out an investigation.

Merseyside Police said enquiries into the incident are going and it is working with the HSE.

The watchdog has not linked its notification of intensified site inspections with Jones’ death.