With 19 swimming pools' worth of earth excavated, the piling is about to go in

New images show that the £80m velodrome at the Olympic park is beginning to take shape.

Clearing the site has entailed removal of 48,000m3 of earth – enough to fill 19 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Construction work on the velodrome will start early next year with concrete piles up to 20m deep installed in the ground to create the building's foundations.

Hopkins Architects, Expedition Engineering, BDSP and Grant Associates were appointed to design the velodrome last year. The stadium will seat 6,000 people and have a cycling track 4m deep, 60m wide and 100m long.

John Armitt, chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority, said: “These latest images show the huge progress we are making on the VeloPark site, keeping us firmly on track to start construction work on this landmark new venue for London early next year.”

Building the London 2012 Olympics