BRE has established an Innovative Housing team that will provide a range of services relating to modern methods of construction.

The team is a response to the predicted growth in off-site and modern methods of construction and brings together experts from many housing disciplines.

The team will offer services relating to the development of innovative MMC systems that satisfy client requirements and exceed the requirements of Building Regulations. It will also offer advice on training and procuring the right MMC for specific projects.

The overall rate of housing supply is at its lowest since the 1950s. The Barker Review of Housing Supply estimates that build rates need to grow by some 39,000 homes a year.

Even at current build levels BRE said there are severe skills shortages on conventional construction sites. It said that MMC could help deliver the necessary increase in housing supply.

There were also concerns about whether dwellings built by modern methods would retain their value over time and whether they could be cost-effectively repaired following incidents such as fire or flood. To increase confidence in end products, BRE has established a new standard for innovative dwellings, LPS2020 (see page 15).

For information on the Innovative Housing team, contact Oliver Novakovic on 01923 664 119, email