RE and SmartLIFE are delighted to host OFFSITE2005. The event comes at a crucial time in the construction industry when demand for housing is at an all-time high and the provision of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings is more challenging than ever before.

The full-scale exhibits of buildings and houses at OFFSITE2005 represent the latest UK and international innovations and developments in modern methods of construction (MMC). They address issues such as affordability, sustainability, speed of delivery and build quality. We hope that visitors to the event will see the opportunities these MMC buildings present for creating sustainable communities we can all benefit from.

The conference programme provides a platform for debating the key themes on MMC and the associated technical, operational and financial issues. Many of the presentations are from organisations that have successfully applied MMC to their housing and building projects. There is a great opportunity for us all to learn from these case studies.

Many thanks to both ODPM and DTI who have given their support to the event, and last but not least for the enormous efforts of our sponsors who have invested considerable time and money bringing their exhibits to the show for all to see. Their contribution makes this unique event definitely worth a visit.

Kevin Scobell, Chief Executive, SmartLIFE

Martin Wyatt, Chief Executive Officer, BRE