240 homes will be built on part of a golf course in Essex

Architect firm JTP has been given full planning permission for its masterplan for a 240-home development over part of a golf course in Chelmsford, Essex.

The southern part of the Channels Golf Course was moved to the north of the planned development at Belsteads Lane. 

In its place will be properties with a mix of tenures, ranging from one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom family homes.

JTP said it incorporated what it called “a strong connection between indoor and outdoor space” in the designs, the brief for which was from Home Group.

The homes will also feature full height glazing, open soffit ceilings and open plan living arrangements.

Ian Fenn, the JTP partner leading the project, said: “It was an interesting challenge to reinterpret the Essex Barn vernacular for a contemporary set of house types.

“By setting the homes out in farmyard-style clusters we were able to create a genuinely tenure-blind neighbourhood, which we can now look forward to seeing built.”

The firm is now producing detailed working drawings for the development.