Government confirms plans to roll out Hips on August 1 despite fears over a lack of energy inspectors

Ruth Kelly has announced that Hips will be introduced as planned on August 1 but has admitted it will be without enough energy inspectors.

Energy certificate

She said yesterday that the Government remains committed to the introduction of Hips and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), but that because of a lack of trained inspectors the packs would have to be phased in starting with four-bedroom homes.

It is thought that there will be 2000 fewer inspectors than the government originally said it needed by August 1.

The announcement comes after Kelly’s sensational climbdown last month when she said the packs would be delayed by two months and that they would only apply to four-bedroom houses.

Despite rising concern about going ahead with the implementation on August 1 despite a lack of energy inspectors, pro-hips organisations are pleased that the government is continuing to back the scheme.

The Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP) has been working with its members since the announcement on the 22nd May, when the introduction of Hips was delayed for two months.

Mike Ockenden, Director General, AHIPP said: “Ruth Kelly has provided much needed clarity for consumers, the Hip industry and energy assessors and she has reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to the future of Hips. Industry now has a structured implementation plan that offers HIP providers and energy assessors an opportunity to plan more confidently for the future.

“We now call upon all industries that touch the home buying and selling process to get behind the implementation of Hips, in order to deliver the benefits to home sellers and buyers.”