M&E workers see pay packets rise 20% in February

Site labour rates headed back up last month, payroll firm Hudson Contract has said.

Self-employed workers picked up a weekly average of £1,017 after pay packets fell in January because of bad weather and jobs being affected by the Christmas lag.

Average earnings were 2.3% higher in February than the same month last year.


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M&E workers picked up a weekly average of more than £1,200 in February

Hudson Contract managing director Ian Anfield said: “It’s very early days but it feels like things could be turning round after a downturn caused by inflation and high interest rates.

“We have seen a slight improvement in per-client operative numbers and labour rates have continued to creep up.”

He added that high-rise schemes in London and cities including Birmingham and Manchester were helping send rates up.

The best paid sector was M&E with workers here earning an average of £1,233 per week, a rise of 21% on the previous months.

And workers in Wales picked up a record weekly average of £1,103 in February, the firm added.