Up-to-the minute commentary on events marking World Environment Day including how we survived a day without chillers

Alex Smith 17:32 We survived without air conditioning. The temperature's falling and the fresh air from outside was enough to cope with the heat generated from our PCs. My carbon footprint so far today: 3km bus - 330g CO2, 4km train - 240g, printing one page - 30g and three cups of coffee - 30g.

Thomas Lane 14:13 Can someone turn on the heating? Having dressed down in expectation of being boiling hot I am now freezing cold.

Dan Stewart 14.03 Obviously I was only joking before. I did forget and use the lift, though. Perhaps I'll walk home tonight to burn it off.

Alex Smith 13: 53 I didn't know that. On average we each pump out 560g of CO2 per year in farts, which isn't a lot. But bear in mind the amount to run a computer a year is only a little bit more 705g. Maybe I should try switching myself more often. According to Envirostats a tree would only have to spend 17 days a year “sniffing” the greenhouse gases in your yearly output to carbon neutralize it.

Dan Stewart 13.23 Forgot it was World Environment Day. Hopped into a lift to the third floor to rest my feet, which were tired from the 30 second walk from my taxi into work. Well I do live half an hour's walk from work! Printed out some e-mails to do some work once I got in. About to microwave myself a nice roast chicken (reared in New Zealand).

Alex Smith 13:18: World Environment Day is in danger of being ignored in the office amid the cabinet reshuffle excitement. Bet it's hot in Downing Street - Gordon might be switching the chillers back on

Thomas Lane 13:16: I am not sure who carries the can for the printer. I get lots of proofs from our production desk so am not sure if I am responsible for the environmental impact of these or our subs desk.

Alex Smith 12:33: I thoughtlessly just printed out the list explaining how to reduce your carbon footprint. Idiot. That was 60g of carbon I produced. A few of are adding up our carbon footprints during the day.

Denise Chevin 12.02 Relieved its not baking hot. Quite pleasant actually. The air conditioning can be quite eractic. Pick the wrong place to sit in the office and you’re blasted by a howling gale. But does turning air conditioning off on a cool day save energy? If so why don’t offices do it more often?

Alex Smith 12:03: Thermometer has risen to 25C but somebody said they were holding it. We are being cooled by unchilled air, which apparently in London is 18C today, so we shouldn't boil. Thomas Lane wrote an article on our building in 2006. Link below

Alex Smith 11:04am: Twitter from @lizmale Just hearing about climate change activists invading BAM Nuttall and gluing themselves to desks this morning in protest re. Kingsnorth. Climate campaigners: "We’re hoping to have some interesting conversations with BAM staff today about these issues". I bet.

Stephen Kennett 11:00am: We’re lucky it’s such a cloudy day otherwise sitting in Ludgate House would be a bit like being a Labrador locked in a car on a hot summer’s day. At the moment temperatures are pretty low, but if the sun comes out this afternoon it will be a chance to put the BCO’s new recommendations into practice and see if productivity does suffer when it gets to 24C.

Alex Smith 10:25 Our facilities manager Phil Walker has offered us the incentive of a free ride on the out-of-bounds lifts. If we are wearing a shirt louder than Stephen Vause we will be allowed free un-criticised use of the lift to "a floor of your choice."