Tube operator Metronet is to enter talks with London Underground over plans to provide a Tube link between Aldgate station on the Circle and Metropolitan lines and Canary Wharf station on the Jubilee Line.

Andrew Lezala, Metronet chief executive, said there was a big opportunity to create another link on the network and provide better access to Canary Wharf.

He said the link would not be a massive challenge, as it would need only a limited amount of work. He said: "We are only talking about a mile or so of tunnelling."

The rationale behind creating another outlet to Canary Wharf is that the Tube is expected to face large increases in passenger numbers in the coming years, a factor that will be exacerbated by the Olympics.

Lezala said he also supported plans for the £10bn Crossrail scheme, which would connect east and west London, and is currently before parliament.

We are only talking about a mile of tunnelling

Andrew Lezala, chief executive, Metronet

He added: "But if we're talking blue-sky thinking, there is also a need for a north-south link to complement this. That is the great challenge."

In a separate development, following pay negotiations with representatives of its 5000 workforce, Metronet confirmed that every employee was to receive a bonus.