The architect's designs for a 80,000-seat stadium are based on the shape of a toy 'rehilete'

Concept designs for an 80,000-seat football and athletics stadium in Monterrey, Mexico have been released by HOK Sport.

The designs have been inspired by the rehilete, a child’s toy windmill used to celebrate Mexico’s national day, according to HOK Sport. Variable lighting effects will be used to make the eight steel-mesh 'leaves' appear to turn like a fan. HOK Sport said the steel mesh design was based on the weave of traditional basket making by native Mexicans.

The stadium will be built over the dry Santa Catarina river bed, linking the northern and southern parts of the city.

Rod Sheard of HOK Sport said “We were enthusiastic to design a stadium that possessed something of that magic, fun loving spirit and evoking the roots of the Mexican pre-Hispanic culture.”

César Esparza, CEO of Estadio Internacional Monterrey, said "Rod Sheard’s team at HOK Sport have exceeded our very ambitious expectations and have developed a true global icon that will boost Monterrey’s image as a world class city. This stadium will put Monterrey on the world map.”

Estadio Internacional Monterrey blue colour

Estadio Internacional Monterrey red light

Estadio Internacional Monterrey green light