The models at the London stand include a huge vista of Central London and a man sized model of the Shard

There's nothing like a massive model city to attract delegates to your conference stand. The London pavilion has plenty - and the crowds came in their droves to see whether the view from their London office windows would be blocked by the capital's next generation of buildings.

Croydon is touted as London's Third City at its MIPIM stand. The model matches the claims and features the latest designs from architects Make and Rolfe Judd. Croydon's previous 60s and 70s architecture is dwarfed by the proposals, which also include the Croydon Gateway developed by Arrowcroft.

Cricklewood may not be London's Second City - we're assuming that's Canary Wharf - but its new model at MIPM reveals ambitions that match those of the most bullish of Russia's regional presidents. The outer suburbs of North London will never be the same again. Where will Pooter move to now?

The Shard at London is a city in itself and the man-sized model at MIPIM attracted a lot of covetous glances from developers other than the Sellar Property Group

Argent's King's Cross model comes complete with miniature Eurostar trains. Sadly they are not running - the first model that features a working Hornby railway would get my vote as MIPIM's best ever exhibition stand.