Figure expected to rise to £1,840 as new zero carbon targets are introduced

Houses built to 2013 energy efficiency standards could save occupants over £1,400 per year on energy bills, a new report reveals.

Research by the NHBC and the Zero Carbon Hub has shown that a standard four-bedroom Victorian home is twice as expensive to run compared to its present-day equivalent.

In 2016, these savings are expected to increase to £1,840 as the government introduces energy efficiency home construction targets.

But the report said that with the six major energy companies announcing price increases at an average of 8.1%, these figures could rise even further.

The report was based on figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in September.

Mike Quinton, chief executive at NHBC, said: “While energy efficiency is only one of the advantages of buying a new-build house, the potential to make this level of savings year after year could be a crucial factor for families when making their decision on which home to purchase.”