A Conservative MP has described last week’s review of the £800m PFI Paddington hospital in west London as one of the most damning of a public sector construction in recent history.

John Wilkinson, MP for Ruislip and Northwood, said his criticisms of the scheme over the past seven years had been vindicated.

He said: “The tragedy is that much time and money have been wasted in pursuing this ill-conceived objective in Paddington to the detriment of improving cardiothoracic treatment in west London now.”

Wilkinson’s criticisms followed an announcement by the team behind the Paddington health campus that it had appointed Terry Farrell and Partners as a masterplanner for the schemes site configuration. An initial plan was last week submitted to Westminster council for comment.

The team said it had formed a collaboration agreement with the Chelsfield-owned Paddington Development Corporation to explore the use of land north of the Grand Union Canal for part of the hospital scheme.

A statement from the team said: “Initial review suggests that using land north of the canal could offer advantages in terms of build time, site configuration and minimising the disruption to the operation of the existing St Mary’s hospital during construction.”